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Guide To Animal Healing
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Animal Healing
We are often asked if natural healing can work with animals and the simple and easy answer is -ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

Natural healing (whether Reiki, Chakra, hands on or spiritual) all utilises the energies possessed by all living things - so, yes, it absolutely works equally well for animals.  The only difference is that an animal cannot tell you in words exactly what they are feeling, where or even why.  However, animals have a way of communicating this even better than we do....they simply show us!  Has their behaviour suddenly changed?  Do they seem lethargic or 'out of sorts'?  The chances are that they can be helped with animal healing.  Here's a story from Joanne Hull, a recognised animal healer.

A Personal Story by Joanne Hull, Animal Healer

A client contacted me earlier this month because she was so very worried about her horse.
The poor animal was in a desperate state, with liver failure and depression.

No matter what the owner did, nothing was working, and the vet had almost given up hope. So her last hope was an animal communicator.

When I tuned into the horse, at first I felt total fear, I asked her why she was scared? She showed me clearly being bullied by another horse, it was tormenting her as the weaker horse of the field. And because she was ill, she couldn’t get away, and so was constantly being picked on.

I also saw poisoning; she had been eating something poisonous. This is where the liver failure would come in.

Then a sudden feel of grief overcame me, the horse was showing me a video in my mind of what had happened.  It turned out in her previous home she had been foaled; she was a proud mother and loved her little baby very much as all mothers do. The foal, barely weaned, was striped from her and taken away, never to be seen again.

Utterly traumatised she wasn’t her usual self after that, and so was sold off cheap to her present owner.  The day I met her she had carried this grief, reliving the moment her foal was taken over and over.and she herself had lost the will to live.

Luckily her new owner is a novice, and fell instantly in love with her the moment their eyes met. Everyone has advised the owner to sell, saying the horse is too much trouble!
But the love between them has held strong.

We now had a better understanding of the horse’s problem, so she was moved to a new paddock, the field was checked for poisonous plants, and she was delighted at her new field mate, a beautiful filly that reminds her of her own foal.

The two horses are now inseparable; she has accepted the loss of her foal, and looks after the filly like one of her own. Her health has improved, and all the vet treatments now seem to have taken affect. Life looks just perfect for the horse now, I am so very pleased the owner has the love connection with this animal, and didn’t listen to the so called more experienced horse owners on her yard.

The owner proved that just by listening, you can be amazed at what you find out.

My wish is that I can teach you all to communicate with our animal friends, because the more people that can use the techniques, the better our animal’s lives will be.

With our busy jobs and family lives, we have forgotten to listen, our animals reach out to us all the time, and we just don’t take any notice.

Many of you will have been going around doing your own thing, when you feel someone is watching you, it’s so very strong and powerful that it actually makes you stop what you are doing! When you turn to look at who it may be, you see its your animal, staring straight at you, instantly you smile and say something like “ do you want out?” or maybe “do you want fed?”

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Why did you stop what you were doing?
  • How did you know someone was watching you?

The answers are quite simple;
Without realising it your pet was telepathically sending you strong messages to get your attention, which in most cases you hear, sense or feel.

We all have experience of some kind of communication with our animals, we just forget to listen.

One of the techniques that I teach my students in my Animal Communication workshops, is the ‘Lovelink connection’, this is the key to all communication, it simply means sending the message of love from your heart charka to the animals charka, and believe me, you will feel it coming straight back with enormous force, you will experience the truth of real unconditional love.

‘Lovelink’ can be done with all animals, it works best when you are totally relaxed, sit in a quiet room with your animal, and share the relaxation and peace, take 3 deep breaths and lower your attention to your heart charka, then look into your animals eyes and send the power of love to them, you should feel totally relaxed, now wait, you may feel the love come straight back, or you may hear a message or feel an emotion, Take what you get and accept it, its wonderful.

If you have any animal communication stories you would like to share with me, I would love to hear them, just email me at or here at

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