The aura is an electromagnetic energy field
that surrounds the physical form
of every living being and a few non-living
ones. It is possible to see it with the naked
eye, and it is related to the seven chakras in
its nature. According to Reiki teachings,
the aura has seven distinct layers, but
that is very advanced; it is simpler to
teach you to see the basic aura with your
naked eye.

As far back as 500 B.C., there are records of Auras being spoken of. Pythagoras, the famous Greek scientist and philosopher is reported to have said: "that every human being has a light radiating from them that reflects their current state of mind."

Scientists today often display exaggerated cynicism at auras and the visibility of auras, but it has been proven repeatedly and scientifically in labs that every living creature has an electromagnetic field generated by his or her nervous system.

To see an aura:
Have your subject stand against a plain, white background in pure light, preferably direct or indirect sunlight. Choose a point (the forehead is good) and gaze at them for a while. Within about thirty to sixty seconds, you should start seeing a shimmer around the body, almost a glow. Don't look away from your point; instead, glance with your peripheral vision at the shimmer. What you are seeing is the aura.

You can practice doing this with your own hand and a sheet of white paper if you don't always have a readily available subject. The more you practice seeing an aura, the better you will get at it. After a while, you should be able to see them when you focus within just a second or two.

If you have trouble seeing auras and you wear glasses, take them off. The lenses on some glasses interferes with the delicate glow of an aura.

What Are Auras For?
The energy level and colour of an aura are clues to your thoughts, your health, and your spiritual and personal nature. You can't change an aura unless you change your underlying personality.

Aura Colours
Auras come in several different colours, but the best way to classify the colours are as cool (blues, greens, and purples), warms (reds, oranges, and yellows), neutrals (browns and tans), and affective bands, usually blacks, greys, whites, and reds seen in conjunction with other colours. Warm colours are high energy and very physical; cool colours tend to be more cerebral or emotional. The neutrals are very logical, while affective bands tend to indicate problems that need to be addressed. Their basic meanings follow:

Colour & Meaning

Energy, passion, living for today, strength, courage, confidence. Reds like to touch and see things and have trouble with spiritual and abstract concepts. As might be expected, red can also show a deep-rooted anger or an unforgiving nature.

Thrill seekers and daredevils; outdoorsy; push limits; high stakes. Oranges may purposely put themselves in danger. Thrill, cunning, and adventure are essential to an orange's happiness. If tinged with brown, the orange aura displays laziness.

Fun-loving, happy go lucky, energetic people. Yellows are a little childlike, very optimistic and sensitive, and believe they are here to bring happiness to others. Yellows are generally very well liked, but do not care for work. If the yellow is tinged with red, the aura shows a trait of timidity.

Intelligent, intuitive, and powerful. Greens do not like detailed plans, but prefer broad outlines. Greens gravitate to money, power, and business. They are organized list makers, and very good with patterns and problem solving. They set goals and achieve them, and may be workaholics. They're very strong willed and competitive. Green is also the colour of healing and therefore the aura can demonstrate a healing nature, or a person who has recently been healed him or herself. However, if the green is tinged with yellow it can be sign of deceitful intention.

Blues are nurturing and loving, and exist to teach love. Relationships and spirituality are important to them, as is helping others. They are great teachers and nurses. Blues are very sensitive and emotional. They are also known for being hard workers, as well as very artistic.

You may have heard of the Indigo Children; Indigo is the newest colour found in people, and are primarily old souls who may remember where they are from. Indigos are honest, aware, intuitive, psychic, independent, fearless, stubborn, and sensitive. Indigos may also seem androgynous. Many religious people display the Indigo aura- it being the colour of those seeking answers.

Lavenders are the flightiest of the colours, and are associated with fairies, dreams, and enchantments. Lavenders daydream, love beauty, and are often seen as unrealistic. Others may see them as lazy, but it isn’t the case- they have trouble recognizing that things need to be done!

Violets are educators and leaders who are here to inspire higher ideals and improve the general quality of life. They like to travel and serve others. You may find lots of violets in the entertainment industry. Most violet's see themselves as having a special purpose, and are often frustrated when they don't reach it quickly.

Crystal auras are unique and rare; instead of having their own life force colour, their aura tends to change, matching those in the vicinity. This makes their personalities change frequently, which may drive the ones they love nuts. Crystals tend to drain energy from the area around them. They are also good at spiritual healing. Crystals need regular breaks from the people around them.

Tan comes in four flavours: environmental, who love touching their environment; Sensitive, who tend to be more compassionate than other tans; Abstract, who go in many directions simultaneously; and Logical, who are the archetypical Tan.All tans love security, stability, and logic.
Environmental tans (often marked with greens) like structure and discipline. The sensitive tans (a pinkish tan) combine general tan traits with loving and intuitive compassion for others, but tend to bottle up their own feelings. Abstract tans are highly energetic and tend to try to solve problems from all ends at once. Logical tans have a tight, pale line of aura around the human body and process everything in an orderly, methodical manner. They are creatures of habit.

Usually found with other colours, it means unsettling or distracting thoughts, or materialism to the exclusion of spirituality. This colour looks smoky rather than glowing.

Dark, depressing thoughts and the presence of a dark side or unclear intentions. Greys are also usually found with other colours.

Another smoky colour, sulphur is often a marker of pain, disease, and anger. If you have an illness, your aura may appear with a sulphur patch over whatever hurts or is ill.

White auras are worse than black ones. Like white noise, a white aura indicates an unsettling lack of harmony in the body and mind. Several hours before death, the aura often becomes white and intense. Many aura researchers thinks this is why death is often indicated with white, not black; our ancestors and other cultures could see auras more easily than we do today. Having said all of this, white can be also perceived on the opposite end of the scale- as extremely good, i.e: perfect in the balance and nature of the soul. This is extremely rare, though. It has been said that Jesus Christ’s halo was his white aura!

Black is generally found in conjunction with other colours, and it can be good, as it protects your aura from the outside. But those with a black or partly black aura are generally those contemplating their own deaths to some degree. Often, black also means depression or some form of self-loathing.

Red Overlay
Red overlays are a protective layer, but also cut off the owner from many other chances at human influence. Red overlays tend to have a fierce, if not completely natural, temper. Red overlays should be eradicated wherever it is possible.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a type of print photography in which the object being photographed is exposed to a strong electric field, which then enhances the body's natural electromagnetic field. This makes it susceptible to photography.

Kirlian photography is often cited as proof that people have souls or that there is an actual physical life force in living things.

When a person's aura is photographed with Kirlian techniques, the colours that show up are more or less the same ones you would see if you looked for the aura with the naked eye, but much more intense. In some types of Kirlian photography, you can also see the seven chakras, with their intensity determined by what is going on at that part of the body. Many workers in the field of chakra healing use Kirlian chakra photography to identify problematic chakras to be cleared or strengthened.

You can have a Kirlian photograph done by professionals at many psychic fairs and New Age shops. Some of these places also offer classes on Kirlian photography, among other things.

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