The word Chakra refers to a concept first mentioned in ancient sacred Sanskrit Hindu texts. It describes a worldview which holds that we humans are an amazing miracle of divine creation and as such are comprised of a number of energy centers called, chakras which act as interface devices between this earthly, physical dimension and the unseen, spiritual dimensions. The word, chakra itself is derived from the sanskrit word for wheel, assumed to have been chosen due to the spinning / whirling nature of this interface when observed by those gifted with spiritual sight.

Tradition has it that there are seven main chakras in the human body, each with it's own particular vibration and color and each responsible for channelling/responding to different aspects of human nature, the lowest one dealing with survival and security issues on the physical plane while the topmost serves as our doorway to transcendant spiritual dimensions.

With spiritual and holistic healing, it is a widely held belief that stimulation or working on areas where the Chakras are located can produce incredible self-healing properties whilst also, whilst meditating or 'channelling', the use of the Chakra's can keep you grounded physically whilst opening up mentally.

Additionally, it is believed that ALL creatures have these energy points - not just human beings - and that healing and stimulating the Chakra's on animals has also had a profound effect.

The Chakra System

The Seventh Chakra - Crown Chakra
Colour:  Violet/White
Crystal:  White Howlite
Purpose:      The Crown Chakra is our connection to the divine. It is also said to be the exit and entrance for the soul to exit and enter the body. Associated with this chakra is belief, hope and destiny. The stars, the universe and star seed connections. All our extra sensors beyond our psychic sense are activated with this chakra. Working with this chakra will open a person to their spiritual quest. It will clear their head of chatter and they will hear their own divine inner self.

The Sixth Chakra - Third Eye/Brow Chakra
Colour:   Purple
Crystal:  Amethyst
Purpose:    The Third Eye Chakra governs the eyes, ears, nasal passage, teeth and facial muscles. Emotionally it tranfers the feelings we have inside us into thoughts. When not functioning properly all the above organs are affected. Working with this chakra can help with sleeplessness, stress caused through mental imbalances and many mental emotional issues.

The Fifth Chakra - Throat Chakra
Colour:   Blue
Crystal:   Blue Lace Agate
Purpose:       The Throat Chakra governs the throat area, base of the neck, thyroid and lymph glands. Emotionally it governs communication, writing, singing and expression. When not functioning properly, there may be problems with the above mentioned organs as well as self lies and a lack of expression in verbalising their needs and ideas.. Working with this chakra in healing will open communication and self expression up. It will help people clear the air with unsaid words and bring the truth out.

The Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra
Colour:   Green
Crystal:   Green Aventurine
Purpose:   The Heart Chakra governs our heart, lungs and surrounding organs, especially our circulation, our veins and the blood that flows life force through our bodies... Emotionally it influences our feelings of love, hate, anger, joy etc. Working with this chakra can help promote healing on all levels. Because most events that cause illness are emotional one's, working with healing, positive thought affirmation and Reiki, Seichim and Ki Manna can help to release blocks and promote faster healing and emotional stability. 

The Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra
Colour:   Yellow
Crystal:  Citrine
Purpose:      The Solar chakra governs our upper intestine, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and mid spinal cord. This is a very powerful centre that vibrates out powerful, positive energy. Emotionally it gives us courage self will, determination and aids us in succeeding. We store things in this centre. So when it is not functioning, we can store up pain, grief, envy, anger and stubbornness.

The Second Chakra - Sacral/Sexual Chakra
Colour:   Orange
Crystal:   Red Jasper
Purpose:       The Sacral Chakra governs the sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine. Emotionally, creativity, passion and artistic pursuits. Sexual and relationship issues arise when this chakra is not functioning properly. Problems with erections, sexual orgasms and many sexual illnesses. Working with this chakra with healing can help deal with sexual, issues, relationship problems as well as open their creative and artistic side. Working with this chakra with healing can help raise their awareness, give them self control, will power and courage.

The First Chakra - Root Chakra
Colour:    Red/Black
Crystal:    Black Obsidian
Purpose:      The Base Chakra governs the lower back, legs and lower spine. Emotionally, motivation, being active and energetic.  It is also the Chakra which gives us the sense of being grounded.  Many people when 'tuning in' stimulate the root chakra for grounding and the crown chakra for channelling. When not functioning properly, you may feel depression and lack of motivation, tiredness, stiff and sore joints. Working with this chakra with healing can help a person gain energy to motivate change in their lives.


Chakra's - Beginners Guide
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