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Life After Death
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Whist we take every opportunity of ensuring all of the people in our directory are genuine, listing in the directory does not show our recommendation.
Please let us know if you feel there is anyone listed here that shouldn't be!
Self-induced contact in the afterlife is a supernatural power you can acquire in Spirit Sanctuary. This mystical contact uses ancient knowledge renewed for the New Age. In Spirit Sanctuary merging life and afterlife is a reality. Communication after death of the physical body can be experienced safely by anyone...
An Afterlife Journey is a nonfiction book by Robert Murray. A Surprising Journey Through the Afterlife. After being struck and killed by a vehicle on his way home one night, Michael, a dynamic young husband and new father of a two-month-old daughter found himself "alive" and able to communicate with his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray. Hours after his death he was able to vividly describe the world beyond.
Insights Into the Afterlife -30 Questions and Answers on What to Expect by Nora M. Spurgin including Is going to the spirit world automatic? What is the spirit world like?
Can spiritual growth take place on the other side ?  and much more.