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Mediums / Psychics
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Whist we take every opportunity of ensuring all of the people in our directory are genuine, listing in the directory does not show our recommendation.
Please let us know if you feel there is anyone listed here that shouldn't be!
All about John Edward.  If you are a fan, then you can find out all about his tour dates, books that he has written and all kinds of merchandise.
Trance Medium, Teacher & Spiritual Healer (CCHA). Trance sittings with my guide, Master Chou, offer you a chance to ask spirit any question about your personal life, health or about a spiritual/general issue.
Psychic Development, connection to Spirit Guides, Spirit Orbs and other Spirit Photograph samples under an almost haunted page, Spiritual Paintings, Readings, Counselling, Life Direction, Advice & much more.
Personal website of David & Janet Gay (Cornwall), Officiants of the Spiritualists' National Union. We hold certificates in Speaking, Demonstrating & Healing.
We serve all churches & centres where invited, hold seminars & workshops at home
and where required. Private consultations, healing and  spiritual ceremonies conducted.