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Carol, who was born in Oakland, California, first realised that she had a gift at the age of thirteen when she began having 'out of body' experiences during a stressful adolescence. Her great grandfather, Edward, would tell her stories to comfort her and help her sleep, and it was only when she began telling family members of these occasions that she realised Edward was a spirit form.  Carol’s own mum knew she was a very gifted child from the day she was born and embarrassed Carol by telling everyone about her birth when angels where present at her delivery and aided her mum.  In the intervening years, Carol has been visited by a number of spirit forms and has had a number of vivid predictive dreams involving her and other family members and close friends.

A close friend of the family took Carol under her wing when she was sixteen and explained her psychic abilities.  This was Susie, a friend of Carol’s gran, and it was through her that she found out that her own gran was a silent medium.  Her development started when she was sixteen.  Susie taught her to read cards, psychometry and tasseography, opening the door to her psychic ability.  This gift was never taken seriously until the death of Carol’s gran. Carol believes that her gran is now one of her mentors in spirit, opening her gifts into a more spiritual level and becoming more of a medium than just a psychic.  Morag, who was from the travelling community and had often spoke to Carol of the psychic worlds and the paranormal, was one of Carol’s main carers as a child.

Carol is married and lives on the West Coast of Scotland with her husband and three children, but travels throughout the UK to perform readings and shows.  Now moving abroad with the demand for her readings, she has become more internationally known.               

Carol has read extensively and has been taught by many famous psychics/mediums. She has had a variety of outstandingly good mentors giving her more knowledge than any other psychic in her field and has trained in a number of counselling disciplines in order that she can respond appropriately and professionally in all emotional situations.  She is also highly experienced as a spiritualist medium and tarot reader and has appeared on the platform at many spiritualist churches.  Carol has contributed to Psychic Voice journal, Its Fate, and Prediction magazines. She is skilled in the use of crystals, tarot, and ribbons, and has an extremely high rate of returning clients.  She has carried out picture readings for clients around the world and travelled throughout the UK, teaching and performing readings for clients and parties.  Carol provides group and private readings, and also advises on the background, training and skills involved in a career in the psychic world.

We are delighted to introduce you to our resident psychic agony aunt Carol Stirling.  Carol will be answering your questions every month.  Simply send Carol your question and she will use her natural psychic ability to answer it.
(Apologies, but due to the amount of questions Carol receives, she will endeavour to answer as many as possible but maynot be able to answer them all  All questions answered will be put on this page!)
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