Soul Rescues
by the Psychic Cynic

I first witnessed what is called 'Soul Rescue' whilst at a 'Seance' in 2004.  As one of the mediums went into a trance state, she suddenly became agitated as she was 'overtaken' by the spirit of a seventeen year old boy called 'Johnathon'.  Apparently, Jonathan had recently passed over quickly and unexpectedly in a house fire and his presence within the medium was causing her considerable discomfort as she coughed, gagged and found it increasingly more difficult to breathe. 

A second medium present began then to 'guide' Johnathon to the 'light' and all of us at the seance watched silently and breathlessly as it appeared that Johnathon found the 'light', found his 'spirt guide' within the light and walked hand in hand with his guide into the light and (presumably) into the world of spirit.  A wonderful happy ending which bought tears to more than a couple of those gathered there that night, feeling moved and blessed to have witnessed such an event.

Now, whilst I do not doubt the sincerity of the mediums present - and certainly don't think that the trance medium was knowingly faking (and if she was, an Oscar should be pride of place on her mantlepiece right now!), I do however think that this kind of psychic event, quite common now in Seances, warrants a little closer inspection as it raises some very difficult issues and questions that I, to date, have had no satisfactory response to.

As part of the 'Question & Answer' session that was held after the trance, one of the mediums explained that very often, souls become 'trapped' on earth because they have died so suddenly and haven't realised that they are dead.  This is, I feel, a logical explanation - but a far from satisfactory one!

It has always been my understanding that when we die, our Guides and loved ones are at hand to meet us and see us safetly across to the other world.  However, if (as this medium suggested) Johnathon had gotten 'stuck' because he passed over so quickly and unexpectedly, where does that leave the many thousands of people across the world who pass over every single day in sudden and unexpected ways?  Are we to believe that those suddently taken in car accidents, fires, floods, earthquakes etc are all destined to be 'lost souls' on the earthplane until they are lucky enough to come across a 'passing' medium who can guide them over to the other side?  Further more, where are the Spirit Guides when all of these accidental deaths are happening?

To suggest that passing 'suddenly' means there is the potential of getting 'trapped' on the Earthplane is also suggesting that Spirt Guides are fallible.  Somehow, I cannot quite connect the image of my Spirit Guide sitting in the tea room, having a break, only to be told that he is 'late for my soul collection' and he is now going to have to wait until I'm 'guided to the light'.  What about my loved ones?  We are told so often that our loved ones in spirit are with us all the time.  Are we to  hope and pray that when our time comes they are not all having a chit-chat in the aforementioned tea room with our Spirit Guides?

Another area that 'Soul Rescue' calls into question is the argument of fate.  If everything IS pre-destined and if it IS our time to go in that fire, earthquake, freak storm etc, would not those who love us and are guiding us not be privy to this information in order to be there waiting for us?  Surely, if there is no such thing as 'accidents', there can not be such a thing as 'dying before your time' - and if you cannot 'die before your time', how can you die so quickly and unexpectedly that there is no one to guide you across instead leaving you to a few centuries of walking around the ether?

(Are you getting fired up yet?  Good - allow  me to continue!)

An argument for Soul Rescue is that some spirits simply do not know that they are dead and therefore CANNOT walk to the light.  Again, this raises an interesting point.

Whenever somebody faints/passes out/has a blackout etc, upon recovery they seem to come to with those cliche words, 'Where Am I?'  Through the aformentioned blackout, do those people who witness this stand idly by without rushing to their aid because 'that person doesn't KNOW they are having a blackout?'  Of course not.  The person will invariably come round with various faces of worry and concern about them and some caring soul trying to force feed a cup of tea made from three teabags and seven spoons of sugar.  When they ask 'Where Am I'?  they will be told 'You have had a blackout and you are in Tesco's' (or wherever!)

To continue, when someone has an accident, does the ambulance refuse to come out because that person doesn't KNOW that they've had an accident?  Of course not!!  Doctors, Medics, Nurses etc use their power, knowledge and ability to do all that they can REGARDLESS of whether somebody knows about it or not.  So, using this argument, surely it is unimportant whether a soul KNOWS whether they have died or not.  It is the experts around them who will take charge, take control and guide them through the process.  We do it on earth - why would we not do it in heaven (only better?)

So, Soul Rescue - here is the Psychic Cynics argument against and I very much look forward to your arguments FOR!  Does any soul need rescuing and if so, why?

Considering my argument, to accept that a soul needs to be rescued is to accept that those on the other side are not guiding us, watching over us or are necessarily going to be there when we need them most.  In fact, worst of all - it implys that there is a fallibility that applys after death.....and is this something ANY of us want to believe?

My thoughts on Soul Rescue after reading the psychic cynics comments. 

Well I am not a learned person, and just tend to go by what 'feels right inside'.  So my comments may be well off the mark, but I wonder if those souls who need rescuing are in that situation because they did not want to go with their guides at that time.  I do belive that the traits that we have in life, we take with us to the other side.  And in this life you will always get some people who will do as THEY WANT and not what they are told or asked to do.  (anyone got a stubbon maiden aunt, or sister/brother who just wont be told)  Ring any bells???    Well maybe that is how some souls get trapped, they just do not want to go with the guides, or will not accept that it is their time, or that they want to stay around those who they loved on the earth.  Who knows.?????

I wonder if when I die, I shall go to Heaven, and speak with the wise ones and be told all the answers to questions that I dont know here on the earth, and when they tell me these wonderful things I will just say ' do you know, I always wondered about that'.   And this is just one of those questions.



Comments Received So Far

Dear Psychic Cynic,
How's about that some souls refuse to pass over? The physical body dies and the spirit begins to vibrate at a higher rate (it vibrates at a lower rate in the body)  A reluctant spirit will then need the encouragement from our side to  go to the light.

For instance, if you no longer had a body and you have a stranger telling you you have died and you have to go with them and assuming you know no different, are you going to go? I have always told my children not to go with any strangers, for example. I could also imagine that when I go, I would not want to leave my children, so it would need to be a strong case to get me to go on to the next level!

So, assuming you have a child that has died in a fire, like johnathon, and he has always been told not to go with strangers, he has suffered with the passing, and is frightened.-is he going to put his trust in someone on the other side, or look to someone here to help him gain that trust? Mmmm... what would you do? And, if you suddenly didn't have a body and you began to vibrate at a much higher rate without trying or being told why, would you know how to control that or would you rely on guidance for that as well-from this side or that side(baring in mind that you may not know anybody that has passed before you)?
Perhaps more people should attend rescue work so that they get an idea of thge process that takes place to begin with.
What do you think now?

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Debate is supposed to be good for the soul - and the 'psychic cynic' is all about that!  All too often, people who believe in Psychic, Spiritual, Holistic & Mystic concepts are dismissed as gullible people taken for a ride by unethical fraudsters.  We don't believe that that is true for a vast majority of believers - and in fact, most can 'debate' confidently, believably and passionately - and this is what the Psychic Cynic is all about.  Spiritual Debate is healthy - and difficult questions SHOULD be asked and discussed

The Psychic Cynic is here to present a compelling, strong & believable case AGAINST a particular belief or concept - and ask for all of you who believe in it to answer the case FOR that belief or concept.  It will certainly be interesting...after all, the Psychic Cynic is not one to give in, its time for you to decide.  Do you believe For or Against....
The Psychic Cynic
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